Sunday, April 3, 2011

The best Birthday EVER!!!!!!!

Even though I was taking dance pictures all day on my birthday, I had the best birthday ever!!!! Thanks to all my dance friends who made it a special day and a SPECIAL thank you to my aunts , uncles, and cousins. They through an awesome party for me and little cal whos birthdays on april 4. AND a special SPECIAL thank you to my grammy and grampy. They got in a car reck about a week ago. SO, I decided to go to the hospital and open my present from her. SHe got me just what I wanted, CLOTHS!:) EVERY girl loves cloths. There was a really pretty lepord print shirt with a neclace and legings and a really pretty church dress that is brown and blue. And since I am her Honney Bunny grampy gave me some of there home-made honny. I tried it.(THE BEST honney I have ever eaten in my life!!!!!)Send my grammy and grampy your prayers!!! The party was AWESOME!! we had barbacue hot dogs lots of chips and soda and fruit. Then we had cake and icecream(YUMMMMmMmmmMMMMMM!!!!!) The food was delicious then we had penyata time. even though I had me my cousins two older brothers two uncles and my dad the penyata wouldnt open. SO, we decided to play baseball with it, all of those people hit it and little bits of candy flew. Then my aunt decided to take a turn and WHAM it flew open! SHE IS STRONG!!!! Then we did presents from my cousins aunts and uncles little cal go a cool litlle wiggle bike and some bubbles I got a pretty pracelet things to make my nails pretty and scented nail polish. can you believe that? blues fruit punch, green is lime, orange is orange:) pink is strwberry, yellow is bannana and red is cherry. They really do smell good. Well thank you everyone and have a great day love you all bye!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S I am going to try and post pictures on here so keep your eye open!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

This Halloween was awesome! I am going to show you just how fun it was.......

It was so much fun!!!!!!! I hope everyone had a great Halloween, but now I count down the days till Thanksgiving. See ya!!!!! MUAH!!!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

happy b-day

It's my brothers birth day!!!!!!!!!! and I made him a cake look!!!!!!!!!!

it is so much fun to make cakes!!!!!!! happy b day oh and you guys happy labor day keep a smile!!!!! MUAH!!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I finally rememberd my password. I am so excited. I love blogging. Anyway, hey everyone how are you guys? If any one's wondering... I'm great!!!! And hope you all are too and if not just remember it makes me sad to know you are sad. So please be happy for me!!! I dont have an award or anything but I'd like to pass on the smile award to anyone who is feeling sad. I hope to keep you guys updated, but I started school last week and it's time for me to go to school. So see you guys soon. Actully talk to you guys soon bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009


I am so sorry I have not been wriing, but my life is so busy I never have time. Don't worry though I am going to try to blog more because i like to blog. I don't have my camera right now but I am going to put lot's of fun dance pictures on. all my friends are excited but don't worry they'll be up soon. I just love talking and writing to you guys and I don't want to stop! But i need to go because i have got to comment everyone else and get caught up.

p.s JUSTIN MY BROTHER IS HOME FOR TWO WEEKS FROM ARMY RESERVES BASIC TRAINING, FORT SAM HUSTIN. I am so happy he got to come home for Christmas ☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

let's party

hey fellow people im back on!☺ tonight i am having a party with my friend well not my party my moms party! its a get to know you party for my moms dance class, and one of the girls older sister is my best friend amanda. She's so nice! we always have so much fun together!☺and also its a maybe for a sleepover! YES! im so excited!

now while im here i'd like to say something

.....................................Im going to California and my cousins as in aunt Mindy uncle Ernie Claire Austin and E.j and also my grammy & grampy are taking me to disney land and sea world WOW!
well bye

Friday, April 3, 2009

my award

i have got the sweet pea award!!!!!!! I would like to pas this on to people who have been nice or sweet to me all this time. i would like anyone who wants to to take this but i would like to point one person out amanda she is my dance friend and is so nice i love dancing with her and she always reminds me of the good times we had so amandda and everyone else pleas take this award.